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Health and Well-Being Together
Wellbeing Model & Curve Lake Center Medicine Wheel

A Commons Health framework is intrinsically systems oriented. It's success is dependent on the alignment of systems models at the individual, community and planetary level.  For this framework to be successful, systems oriented health professionals will be essential.

In many respects, we are re-learning ancient wisdom about health and being well together. Across the globe we are discovering that many indigenous cultures have no word for individual health,  and that the word health is a function of community and the environment. The individual cannot be separated from the whole. It is a systems, or a relational model.


Integrative health and medicine is by its very nature holistic, through its recognition of the interplay between mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Moreover, integrative medicine has developed a deserved reputation for a focus on resiliency and root causes, upstream drivers of health outcomes. In other words, our relationship to community and our environment is paramount. .